Wednesday’s Haul 3/7/07- Previewin’ May 07

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This week, Scott reviews the movie Ghost Rider and talks a bit about his weird anticipation of T.M.N.T. (That’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for those of you who haven’t caught the commercial yet.)

Reviews of The Brave and the Bold, Eternals and Blue & Joy. And check out the 10 books you should know about in May of 2007.

10 for May 2007
Marvel Zombies: Dead Days (Preview)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane V3: My Secret Life Digest
Gotham Central V5: Dead Robin TP
Intersections by Duncan Fedredo & Sean Phillips
Strangers in Paradise #90
Black Diamond #1
The Homeless Channel GN
Talent Volume 1 TP
James Sturm’s America HC
The Professor’s Daughter GN
Brush Strokes With Greatness: The LIfe & Art of Joe Sinnott

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