CCL Podcast #111 – “Chris, Do you buy any monthlies”?

Collected Comics Library Podcast #111
35,172Kb; 37m 30s

This week’s show is a little different because I don’t focus on particular book or genre. In all honesty I have to give all the credit to the members of the Forum. The thread is on the topic of the ratio of money spent on trades or collected editions to regular monthly comic books. Contrary to popular belief I do but monthly books. A shocker, I know. But how much do I spend?
There is also a lot of news to go over from WonderCon, DC Comics and the Top Cow Compendiums Back to Press. There’s also some neat info regarding comics and podcasting as a whole. And I do a follow-up to last week’s JSA show.
Lastly I would be very grateful for any feedback left on iTunes.

Music by Hot Club of Detroit

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