Wednesday’s Haul 2/28/07– NYCC from the outside and Reviews

It’s time to play catchup. After a week off due to sick time (do I get paid for that?) Wednesday’s Haul is back with reviews of Rebecca Kraatz’s House of Sugar (check it out!) Drink and Draw Social Club (imagine a nice collection of con sketches but with beer,) Superman Camelot Falls (pretty but fractured) and Eric Wight’s My Dead Girlfriend (containing a few of the many John Hughes references this podcast.)

Also find out what the NYCC looked like from my own personal view– in front of my computer in snowy Chicago. And, as usual, Wednesday’s Haul runs down some of the more interesting releases of the week, including Green Lantern, 1-800-Mice and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. And what exactly do I have in common with Claire from Heroes? Probably a bit more than you thought.

Download the episode here.

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