Just Another Fanboy – Episode 27

Steeven’s back from his near fatal gunshot wound and he’s bringing you what can only be described as his very average here in episode 27.

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro, a word about the Challange of the Super Friends, and short conversation about last week’s episode.

05:13 – A Word From Our Sponsor – Hog’s Head Coffee.

06:38 – News and Information You Could Have Easily Gotten For Yourself With Just A Little Effort – We scour the web for comic book news so you don’t have to.

09:30 – Steeven’s Comic Book Picks of the Week – Green Arrow #71, Astonishing X-Men #20, and Justice Society of America #3.

18:14 – At the Movies With Gary Indiana – Open Season.

20:58 – 30 Seconds of Nonsense

21:47 – The View From Norman Oklahoma, a weekly segment in which our resident bitter old fanboy pisses and moans regarding the state of the comic book industry, and just about anything that generally pisses him off – This week, the thrilling adventures of Norman Oklahoma.

31:05 – Outro and ways to spread the Fanboy love.

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