Variant Edition Episode 44

Episode 44

We’re back! Due to various sickness and delays, this episode should have posted the week of January 31st. But it’s finally ready now. Season 2 continues with a bang: News, Reviews and an interview with Billy Tucci and Mark Sparacio.

In this episode:
-Luis had the opportunity to interview Billy Tucci and Mark Sparacio at last November’s The National in NYC. They chat about the success of Heroes for Hire, the return of Shi and how they get their art so damn beautiful.
-Reviews of Moon Knight #7, Fear Agent #10, Mouse Guard #6, Savage Brothers #3, the Glacial Period OGN and Bullet Point Reviews of Ms Marvel, Hyperion vs Nighthawk, Thunderbolts, Outsiders, Spider-man Reign and Sensational Spider-man!
-Mike and Jenn take a look at the Bowen Classic Hulk statue, a 3D version of Amazing Fantasy #15 and the disappointing Bowen Rhino.
-Nick runs down the news.
-Plus Kevin steps Behind the Counter to advance review Antony Johnston’s upcoming Texas Strangers.

Want to see more of Luis’ interview? There’s singing involved.

Episode 44 is online through iTunes, available on and sharable through YouTube. And don’t forget to check out our forums…let us know what you think of the episodes or would like to see something covered on the show.

Episode 44

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