Variant Edition Episode 43

Episode 43

It’s all reviews…all the time. We shot this episode a few weeks ago. A technical glitch caused it to be delayed and then bumped…but we packed it with so many reviews, that we had to finish it and release it. Over a half hour of comic book reviews!

In this episode:
-Civil War #6, Criminal #3, Justice #9, Elephantmen #5, The Killer #2, Justice League of America #5, Convention Confessional #3, Zombie #4 and Okko Cycle of Water #1 .
-Our new bullet point reviews of Bullet Points, Wolverine, X-23, X-men First Class, X-Factor, Sensational Spider-man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, Powerpack and Spider-man, Flash, Teen Titans, Supergirl, Superman Batman, Criminal Macabre, Exterminators, Fear Agent, Pirates of Coney Island, New Avengers, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America Iron Man: Casualties of War and Sandman Mystery Theatre.

Check back later this weekend for Episode 44!

Episode 43 is online through iTunes and available on Don’t forget to check out our forums…let us know what you think of the episodes or would like to see something covered on the show.

Episode 43

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