Raging Bullets Episode 41 Part 1

Episode 41 Part 1:  This two part episode features a special “Speeding Bullets” look at some of the recent news including the 52 #37 DC Nation Reveal, the teaser photo that has been released, how it may tie into current books, and we also look at Smallville Labyrinth.
We also review Wonder Woman 2 and 3. 
NOTE: The Titans review will be coming during the next couple of episodes. (Not being vague on purpose, we have some special things planned but we will get it it) We moved it for 2 reasons, the show was already 4 hours long and we want to save it to discuss the first issue of the Titans East Arc.  We do have a brief discussion as we read this week’s forum comments on part 2 but we will go more indepth on that episode.
We also have an audio comment on part 1 from Geek Syndicate on our media episode
Also, 52 weeks 35-38 and an audio comment from Brent Kossina : BK’s Bullets looks at Batman Year 100 and he comments on Smallville will be on part 2 which will be released Sunday Night. Part 2 will also feature additional email, and forum comments.

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