Comic Timing – Episode 30

Episode 30 of Comic Timing is up to bat! Sorry, I miss baseball already. Only a few more weeks until Spring Training. Woo hoo! Anyway, back on topic. Brandon Christopher of The Quarter Bin Podcast and Brent Kossina of BKs Bullets via Raging Bullets stop on by to review one of the hottest comic books around these days. Spoilers aplenty as we delve into Justice Society of America #1 and 2. There are also a few spoilers that are marked ahead of time for the latest 52, and one or two about Civil War: Frontline #10, just to warn you folks. Barrel of laughs to put together and to be a part of, so I hope everybody enjoys it!

We also announce the winner of the Comic Timing Contest this episode, so anybody looking to find out who the victor is, listen in! The Announcement is located near the end of the episode. As always, you can contact Comic Timing at, and please Digg us at, and vote for Comic Timing over at Podcast Alley. And if you are on Comic Space, you can find me listed as i_am_scifi, so send me a friend request!

One last reminder to check out part two of our crossover with Raging Bullets, which should be released this upcoming Thursday, as Matt and I join Jim and Sean to review Batman Confidential #1. And thanks for listening and downloading. See you next time!

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