Comic Timing – Episode 29

Episode 29 is finally here! It took two false starts, an encroachment and a holding penalty to get this one done, but we did it, even it took three days to record. This week, Brent Kossina, and Raph Soohoo, alias Wraithmaker on the forums, author of the Bulleteer Madness Column for Raging Bullets, stop on by to discuss DC Comics in the year 2006. Did they do a better job than Marvel? What titles left us going booyah, and which titles left us going dear God why must this exist? All that and a bag of chips on this one, plus a boatload of bloopers and insanity contained within, so listen to it, and hopefully you shall enjoy!

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I hope the New Year is treating everybody well, and that 2007 continues to do so for all out there. Also, thanks for listening for the past 29 episodes, and thanks as always for downloading!

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