Comic Timing – Episode 27

Episode 27 of Comic Timing is finally here. Apologies for the delay in getting this one out, as it was a busy weekend, and I had little time to sit down and edit. But alas, it is indeed here! This episode, Brent Kossina, knightwingbk on the CGS forum, John Mayo of The Mayo Report, and Matt Sommer of Thats What She Said join myself for a conversation on parallel universes in comic books. We touch on What If, Elseworlds, DC and their Parallel Universes, The Ultimate Universe, Heroes Reborn, and plenty more where that came from. Plus, we read some forum comments, and explain in further detail Rob Liefeld and his unsolicited landscape pages for Hawk and Dove, which I first discovered over at Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed. So yes, plenty of great stuff, and thanks to the guys for joining in!

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Thanks to everybody for listening, and thanks for downloading as well!

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