Comic Timing – Episode 26: 22 Pages # 2

This week, Comic Timing presents the second installment of our 22 Pages Reviews, which also happens to be Part One of our Confidential Crossover with Raging Bullets! Sean and Jim join Matt and I to discuss Superman Confidential #1, cover to cover. We discuss the large amount of advertisements found inside the book, and whether or not it effected our reading experience negatively, differences in the Tim Sale style in comparison to his previous Superman work, and whether or not Kryptonite can talk.. Also, Sean stumbles onto an interesting find on Wikipedia, Jim talks about blind squirrels, and Matt waxes poetic about 3D glasses. Oh, and we talk about the book too. Good times!

Part Two of the Confidential Crossover will take on Raging Bullets, and will cover Batman Confidential #1. When we set a date, we will let all you folks know out there when to look for the episode. If you would like to contact Sean and Jim, you can do so over at, and you can e-mail Comic Timing at And if you have the time, please vote for Raging Bullets and Comic Timing over at Podcast Alley.

Comic Timing will be back next week with a discussion on parallel universes in comic books. Until then, thanks for listening, and I hope everybody enjoys the crossover!

Download Comic Timing – Episode 26: 22 Pages #2 – Superman Confidential #1

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