Variant Edition Episode 38

Episode 38

Episode 38…the ‘lost episode’. Almost lost to the mists of time, I was able to recover the files and share another episode of comic goodness with the world.

Also in this episode:
-Nick’s Radioactive Minute returns with a review of the new Forbidden Planet DVD Boxset.
-Reviews of Onslaught Reborn #1, Amazing Spider-Man #536, Daredevil Father #6, Drain #1, Walking Dead #32, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14, Elephantmen #0, Sensational Spider-Man #32 and Wonder Woman #3.
-The Swisstacks take a look at the latest Batman Black & White statue and the new Harley Quinn Women of the DC Universe bust.
-Plus, Nick with the news.

Episode 38 is online through iTunes, available on and sharable through YouTube. And don’t forget to check out our forums…let us know what you think of the episodes or would like to see something covered on the show.

Episode 38

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