Comic Timing – Episode 25

Episode 25 of Comic Timing has finally arrived. We are at one quarter of one hundred, woo! To celebrate, I am joined by Denise Gronda of the Birds of Geek Podcast, Silver Bullet Comics columnist Mitch Montgomery, and Tony Guagliardo, otherwise known as MobileHome on the Comic Geek Speak forums. Along with myself, and a red van with a Florida license plate, we form The New York City Rental Car Riders! We all took the ride over to Reading, PA for Comic Geek Speak’s Episode 200 celebration, and we have our recap here. We also touch on the future of comic book podcasts, whether or not gathering such as this will continue to grow in size as the years go by, and what it is like to be part of such a thriving forum community. That, and we touch on some comments left on Episode 24. Thanks to Tony, Mitch, and Denise for such a great time, and thanks for the ride!

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Finally, there is a Listener Survey for the show that you can take. The link to the survey is here. So if you have the time, please fill it out, and thanks in advance!

The next episode will be a Special Episode of Comic Timing, and will be released either on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Until then, thanks for listening for 25 episodes, here is to 25 more, and thanks for downloading.

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