Comic Timing – Episode 24

Hey guys. Here is the latest episode focusing on Comic book animation. Matt S. stops on by for the first hour or so, back from his week off, and he has plenty to say on the subject. And that is not all. We also have Bruce Rosenberger, one of the stars of the fantastic Komicskast and the terrific Comics Podcast Crossover! Bruce joins in at around the five minute mark, and is there until the episode is over. We discuss our favorite comic book animations, where the business may be going in the future, what Marvel can do to improve their animation ventures, some animation that has not aged well and some that has, and plenty more.

My thanks to Bruce for joining us, and my thanks to The New York Comic Con for sponsoring the show. If you would like to send Comic Timing an e-mail, you can do so at our e-mail address,, and please vote for us over at Podcast Alley.

Thanks to everybody for listening, and see you folks back here next week for another brand spanking new episode!

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