Comic Timing – Episode 20A

It has been a while since we have had to do a two parter, so now is as good a time as any! Comic Timing Episode 20 focuses upon the world of 52, and the characters surrounding the title. For this episode, I am joined by David D. from the Comic Geek Speak Forums, and return guest John Mayo of The Mayo Report and his brand new column on Comic Book Resources! There are spoilers for 52 in this episode, so if you are waiting for the trades to come out, this one may not be for you. We discuss such topics as who may be behind the Supernova mask, Lex Luthor and his Infinity Inc team, the life and deceptions of Booster Gold, and so on. It makes for great discussion, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it.

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Episode 20B should be released no later than Tuesday night, and will focus mainly upon The Black Adam Family and Rip Hunter and his chalkboards. Thanks again to David D. and John Mayo for coming on the show, and hope you come on back for Part B!

Download Comic Timing – Episode 20A: 52 Discussion

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