Comic Timing – Episode 21: Evan Dorkin Interview

Hey folks. Comic Timing is back to its regularly scheduled episodes, and this week, we are joined by one of the funniest comic creators around. He has worked on such projects as Milk and Cheese, Dork, and Bill and Teds Excellent Comic Book, and has also written for animated series such as Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Superman The Animated Series, and he crated the Adult Swim pilot, Welcome To Eltingville. This man is of course, Evan Dorkin. Evan stops by for a whopping two and a half hours to discuss his career, his thoughts on modern day comics, what companies can do to get kids back into comics, and a whole lot more.

I want to thank Evan for joining us, and I would also like to remind everybody that Episode 20 will be released next week, as Matt and I are joined by Steve Bryant of Athena Voltaire, and Damian Smith will present his second Rogues Gallery, this time on Dr. Doom!

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Hope everybody enjoys the interview, thanks for downloading, and we will see you all next week!

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