Tim’s Quarter Bin – Civil War 4 Recap

This whole episode is a spoiler of CW #4.

If you haven’t read the comic and don’t want to be spoiled (or if you hate long winded digressions) then you may steer clear of this show…

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1 thought on “Tim’s Quarter Bin – Civil War 4 Recap

  1. “First I’d lke to say that Mr. Terrell did a good job of going through the issue of Civil War #4 and analyzing the issue. He tried to bring in some good history and get everything together as far as character, and just plain development of the story in general. One thing I found very appauling was his strong and frequent use of the N word. Mr. Terrell may be a proud African-American, but that does not mean he needs to use that particular word as often as he did. He made it sound like Marvel and Mark Millar are a bunch of racists.”

    I would like to thank you for listening to this Tim’s Quarter Bin episode and hope that will continue to listen to the show and all of the others on the Comic Book Noise feed. I would also like to thank you for the feedback, both positive and negative, that you gave. Tim works very hard to make the show as entertaining as possible.

    One way that the show stands apart from most other comic book podcasts is his very deadpan sense of humor. While he may use language that some may find offensive and appalling, it is not done with a sense of malice but rather with a bluntness that is designed to bring the listener into a realm of critical thought that one might not otherwise go.

    Going into the episode, Tim was hesitant because on the playback, he was worried that he might offend someone. I made the call to let the show go out unedited, because I thought that the point he was making was a good one when placed in the context of popular culture and it would have been muted if any other word was used. I stand behind that decision.

    As for accusations of racism on the part of Marvel Comics or Mark Millar, I don’t understand where you drew that assumption. If anything I thought that he point where they are concerned is that they were perpetuating a bunch of tired cliches that have haunted the entertainment industry for years.

    If you would like to elaborate on your point, I invite you to call the Audio Comment line at (206) 202-9973. I guarantee you that any comments you make will be played. If you would also like to interact with other listeners of the show (as well as Tim and myself), then I invite you to join the conversation at the Comic Book Noise forums at http://www.comicgeekspeak.com/forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=9.

    A copy of this message will also be posted on the Comics Podcast Network comment section.

    I look forward to you response and thanks again for listening.


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