KomicsKast #41 Silver Age – Ace the Bat-hound and a new comic’s creation


We start off the show with some news and comics podcasts that you might enjoy, then a new segment wherein we will be following a new comic from it’s genesis to its being published. Next up is a Silver Age segment by Bill Jourdain (of the Golden Age of Comics) in which he tells us about Ace the Bat-hound, and finally, if you still feel like listening, a segment discussing digital comics and hardware that can make them a reality.

Wonderful site on the Superman comic strip: The Speeding Bullet

Home of The New York Comic Con

New Comics Related Podcasts:

Bullpen Bulletins

Comic Book Attic

Bill Jourdain’s great podcast:

Golden Age of Comics

Some links to go along with my digital comics segment:

40 Years of the Avengers Comics on DVD

First of two pages comparing the various tablet and slate PC’s: Tablet PC 2 Comparison chart.

The Pepper Pad

Direct Link to the KomicsKast and Comics Podcast Crossover forum that’s kindly provided by the Comics Geek Speak guys!

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