Comic Timing – Episode 16

Episode 16 of Comic Timing is now up and running. This week, Matt S., Lord Shaper himself Damian Smith, and myself get together to discuss violence in comics. Are comic books still for kids, or is that a thing of the past? And if so, how are we going to get the next generation involved in the world of comic books? We go from Vertigo to Wildstorm to the MAX line to books that probably deserved this distinction, but instead ended up regular titles. If parents get involved in their children and their reading, will it stop them from reading things they should not? All this and a lot more are discussed in this episode, and Damian also premieres his brand new monthly segment, Rogues Gallery. This month he takes on Deathstroke, one of DC Comics most popular villians.

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Until next week, thanks for listening, and catch you all next time.

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