Comic Timing – Episode 15

Episode 15 has arrived, and with it comes the first ever 22 Pages for Comic Timing. Annihilation #1 is the title in question, and to discuss this book, and a little bit of the background behind cosmic comics of the past, Matthew Kramer aka DarthKramer joins us to share his expertise on the topic at hand. Matt S. also stops by as the resident outsider, a fan of Marvel books but not usually cosmic titles. How will he feel about Annihilation? The answer may surprise you. A reminder that Spoilers for Annihilation #1, the Anihilation Prologue and miniseries, and other former Giffen series such as Thanos and Drax will be found in this episode, so if you plan on reading these and do not wish to be spoiled, please read them, then come on back when you are ready. Also apologies for any lack of editing, as I wanted to get this episode out as planned today, so I only really had enough time to edit half the show before mixing it down, as I have a previous engagement later today.

As always, the e-mail address for Comic Timing is, and please vote for us over at Podcast Alley.

Thanks to all of our listeners for sticking by us for 15 episodes. It has been plenty of fun, and I hope we have at least 15 more in us. Enjoy the episode folks, and see you all next time.

Download Comic Timing – Episode 15: 22 Pages – Annihilation #1

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