Comic Timing Episode 14

Episode 14 is released, and it is one of our best episodes yet. Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak joins David Price and myself for a discussion on the ramifications, and benefits of being a comic geek. Should you hide your passion from those close to you, or is it quite simply another hobby and nothing to be ashamed of? We also touch on the media’s effect on the social stigma associated with comic books, what TV shows like Heroes and Who Wants To Be a Superhero? might do to help comic geeks get accepted, significant moments that led to us accepting our comic geekdom, how comics can help you relate to younger generations, and we announce the winner of our iTunes art contest! To see the art, just view the Now Playing tab in iTunes and you’ll see the new face of Comic Timing.

Speaking of the new face of Comic Timing, with this episode David Price steps down from his position of co-host to pursue a new project, which I am eagerly anticipating. David will still be back from time to time, but simply will not be on every episode. He will be missed, but you’ll hear the Man of 1000 Podcasts around, and will also have plenty of great guests to talk comics on the show. A special episode of Comic Timing, episode 14B, will be released no later than Sunday, which will be tackling the recent news development: the delay of Civil War.

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Until next episode, thanks for listening!

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