Comic Timing – Episode 13

hey folks. Well, David Price has made it back safely from Wizard World Chicago, and on this week’s episode, we discuss the convention. Along with David, we are joined by two other attendees, Brian Salazar and Chris Neseman from one of the best comics podcasts around, Around Comics. During the episode, we touch on the overall scope of the crowd, crators and comic books that were discovered at the con, the evolution of Dave Wachter and Mike Norton, and a whole lot more. There were portions of the show that ahd to be cut due to a sounds glitch halfway through the episode that led to myself getting out of synch with the rest of the panelists, but I do hope that you all still manage to enjoy what was able to be make it through, as what did make it is well worth the listen. And thanks again to Chris and Sal for joining us, and we hope to have them back again sometime.

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Enjoy the rest of the week, and see you all next time.

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