Comic Timing – Episode 11

Here you go folks, it’s another exciting episode of Comic Timing! This week, Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties, Con Artists, and Geebas on Parade joins David and I to discuss the web comic community, what it’s like being both in the world of comic books and comic strips, and plenty of funny anecdotes and stories too. A warning that this episode is chock full of mature content, so please don’t let children download this one. Also apologies for the file size ad the lack of editing on this one, as I am currently out of town and away from my usual equipment, so I had to put this one together pretty quickly.

Also a reminder that Comic Timing has new feeds! The new Feedburner feed is and here is a link to our new spot on iTunes. The old Feedburner feed will remain active for another month or so, so please make the switch over. As always, you can e-mail us over at, and don’t forget to vote for Comic Timing on Podcast Alley!

Next week’s episode may be out a few days later than usual as I will be out of town until next Tuesday, but we should still be able to find the time to record at one point or another. Until then, enjoy and thanks for listening!

Download Comic Timing – Episode 11

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