Comic Timing: Episode 9 – Bag and Board It!

Hey there folks! It’s time for another episode of Comic Timing, and this time it’s something a bit different than the usual. Today, David and I give our first ever “Bag and Board It!” reviews. These reviews are similar to what we did for “Buy It, Trade It, Quarter Bin,” only this time they’re further in depth, and are all books we would recommend to others. Here’s what we review on today’s episode:


  • Cobb Off the Leash
  • Wonder Woman #1
  • New Avengers: Volume 1
  • Ian

  • Teenagers From Mars
  • Wolverine #41
  • Strangetown #1
  • Just a heads up, there are ever so slight spoilers inside of the review of Wonder Woman #1 and New Avengers Vol 1, but nothing that would ruin any surprises ahead of time. As always, you can e-mail us over at, and don’t forget to vote for us over at Podcast Alley!

    A program reminder than Episode 10 should be out sometime this week, probably on Thursday, and it will be split into two parts due to the length of it. Episode 10A will be released on Thursday or Friday, and expect 10B by Sunday or Monday. Also, don’t forget about our new contest! The deadline for all art submissions will be August 8th, so get crackin’! And one final reminder that our first ever “22 Pages” will be Annihilation #1. The DCBS info we gave on the show is no longer accurate as the new month is now in full swing, but if you e-mail, you should be able to add it to your order as a late addition. If not, here are some othe rplaces where you can find Annihilation #1: Silver Bullet Comics, and Bang Crash Boom! has it for 50% off! And of course, you can get it at your local shop as well.

    Enjoy the episode folks, and talk to you soon!

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