Comic Talk Cafe #017 is up!

Comic Talk Cafe #017

In CTC #017 Jon, Rachel, Shad, and Hiedi are the hosts. A quick corection; the comic book podcast network is found at not

We talk about some comic news from around the web:

* Kazuo Koike coming to comic-con for the first time.
* Major DC comic movies in the works.
* Life with a super dad.
* Spider-girl reaches 100.

The reviews in this show are for;

* Battlestar Galactica #0.
* GL Corps #01.
* Civil War #02.
* Robin #151.
* Flash #01.
* Wonder Woman #01.

Retro Reviews

* uncanny Xmen #150.
* The incredible Hulk Annual #06.

Topic of the show: alternate Universes: Are they a good thing? (What do you think? Send us a message!)

Please send us an email with your questions and comments, or your can post on our forum!

Next Show: Superman Returns!

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