Episode 18B

Episode 18B

Its time for more Mocca coverage! As David sits down with….

Alex Robinson creator of Box Office Poison & Tricked!

Keith Knight creator of the K Chronicles!

And Devin T Quin star of “Comic Book The Movie!” (Deleted scene that is) and creator of “Robots R Cool & Zombies R Jerks”

2 thoughts on “Episode 18B

  1. Just saw “Comic Book: the Movie,” and want to give money to Devin T. Quin, and his comic-creating partner, for their “Robots vs. Zombies” comic. Ask dot com can’t find anything but Ryall’s “Zombies vs. Robots,” which may be as good, but doesn’t need my money as badly.

    Please send contact info for Devin T. Quin

  2. Sorry, can’t send more $ for Hero Initiative: on disability, only working 10 hrs/week due to budget cutbacks at work.

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