Indie Spinner Rack Issue #27

Funny story… ISR sits down for pizza, beer & comics talk with Night Fisher‘s R. Kikuo Johnson & Marvel’s Mythos painter Paolo Rivera! From their time at Rhode Island School of Design with David Mazzucchelli to hitting it big! RKJ tells all about his graphic novel from its beginnings, its road to Fantagraphics, to Time & Publisher’s Weekly‘s Best of 2005 lists! Plus his Cher Simura and Audubon stories from MOME! Paolo discusses his painted work for Marvel’s origins series, Mythos, his process and influences, and being recently named Marvel’s Hunk of the Month! Did you say big episode? Thank you, Captain Obvious!

R. Kikuo Johnson
Paolo Rivera
Hello, Captain Obvious…
PIC: Paolo at RKJ’s Jim Hanley’s Universe signing
PIC: The Wall of Doom
PIC: Paolo & folks at The Wall of Doom (for scale)
PIC: Joe Quesada shows Paolo exactly where he went wrong on the cover to
FF #500, just before his RISD senior show.

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