I Read Comics: Show #27

Show 27 on MP3

Kingcome Come-o-rama! With my special guest, Katheryne from Philly!

Jess Nevins’ Kingdom Come Annotations
Some info about the audio dramatization of Kingdom Come
A recent CBR interview with Alex Ross (for the release of Absolute Kingdom Come)

Music, as always, by Mayerson.
Other music I listened to this week that I love: Wings Greatest Hits, Paul McCharmley

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1 thought on “I Read Comics: Show #27

  1. I agree that the Flash chapter of the Maggin novel is very good. I’ve thought about it often even though I read the book about 4 years ago. That chapter alone made more of an impression on me than many other “serious” books. Maggin has written some other good novelizations even though you wouldn’t know it based on the covers. I’m sure you would like them even though the covers are horribly trashy. “Last Son of Krypton”, for instance looks like it would be a straight novelization of the first Christopher Reeve movie, but it’s a completely different, and better, story. Don’t overlook “Starwinds Howl”, a Krypto novel.

    Have you heard the song “The Ballad of Barry Allen”? Here’s a link: http://bigego.com/index.php?page=songs&display=327. I don’t know for sure if the song is influenced by the aforesaid Flash chapter, but it’s hard to imagine that it’s not.

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