Wayne’s Comics Podcast #174 With Onrie Kompan

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A comic about a “real-life super-hero” needs your help!

This week, I talk with Onrie Kompan, the driving force behind the Yi Soon Shin trilogy of comics focusing on a hero who saved his people from an invading force by his own wits and skills in military strategy. Onrie’s close to ending up the second trilogy of books, these subtitled “Fallen Avenger.” Nearly 40,000 copies of this series have been sold, many of them by Onrie at comic-book conventions around the country. Onrie talks about why he needs your help and his experiences interacting with fans and other creators in this week’s interview!

To help keep this comic series going to a terrific conclusion, go to the YiSoonShin.com website or go directly to Onrie’s Kickstarter project page at this link! Things wrap up this week with audio from the presentation Onrie created for that latter web page. Please help if you can, something that will help promote excellence in storytelling as well as diversity in the comics industry!


Wayne’s Comics #113 With Onrie Kompan From ‘Yi Soon Shin’

Wayne's Comics, Onrie Kompan, Yi Soon Shin, Wayne Hall,

We ended 2013 at the Wayne’s Comics podcast with a  great interview, the perfect exclamation point for the past year!

You’ll enjoy my interview with Onrie Kompan from the Yi Soon Shin series of comics! We talk about how the book about a real hero came to be, and what’s coming in the future! And yes, you’ll hear Stan Lee’s name in this chat, so be sure to listen in! You can find out more about this excellent comic and order your copies at this link!

Then I shared my thoughts on the best of the past year before everything wrapped up for 2013!


Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 77 – Backroom Comics vs. The World

The Backroom Comics crew review the new film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (spoiler free), give some recommendation on new comic series to check out, and take a look through the August 2010 comics preview guide.

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