W.I.P. # 211 – Donner vs. Snyder

On this episode: New books, Superman vs. Man of Steel & I play Fuse.

True Blood, worst pains ever and Charles Saatchi: Do*chebag





A short one on deck today peeps as G Money is ever popular and needed to skedaddle early. We still managed to pack quite a bit in though…


Show dedications – Stacey Von Wolf and The Boxed Whine Lost Episode


UFP Crew Questions

Worst pains ever accidentally experienced

Evil wishes upon each other

What’s going on in Brazil

Pounds and Quids – Is there a difference?

‘Breatharianism’ a.k.a. ‘Evolutionary failure’


Prostitute “uglier than described”

Selma Blair leaves Anger Management and generally no f*cks given

Two faced mutant kitten

Gerard Butler? More like Gerard BUTTler!

Dublin is NOT a fan of Rhianna (but who is?)

Charles Saatchi; Do*chebag and utter piece of sh*t

Wolf on Wall street trailer

Anchorman 2 trailer

Masterchef is OFFICIALLY out of ideas!




NERD NEWS! (@ 52 mins)


True Blood latest series is joined by Rutger Hauer

New Neverwhere series and possible movie (with Benedict Cumberbatch) by Neil Gaiman

Tom Taylor bumped up to write current and future Earth 2

James Robinson, Mark Waid, Gabriele Dell’otto dream team to work on new Spider Man original graphic novel

Bryan Singer to possibly write an X Men original graphic novel

Bruce Timm could possibly be ‘defecting’ to Marvel

Superman/Wonder Woman by Charles Soule and Tony Daniel

Age of Ultron #10 leaks

Xbox One is 3 times, 8 times AND 10 times more powerful than the Xbox360 (?)

World War Z first reviews

Only God Forgives first reviews

King’s (Candy Crush Saga) possible IPO

Shigeru Miyamoto’s “worst” game

Game releases for the week

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #136: Saga #12 Review, Trinity War and Batman: Arkham Origins

Episode #136

This week on the podcast we review the controversial Saga #12. What’s all the fuss about? Then we talk a little Trinity War and the next Batman video game, Batman: Arkham Origins. Listen in!

If the panels in Saga #12 offended you, cut out these parody Foshkos replacements and keep reading.


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W.I.P. # 202 – Bad Joes

On this episode: New books, G.I.JOE Retaliation reviewed & the worst JOE figures ever.

W.I.P. # 184 – New Star Wars

On this episode I talk about a new digital comic, review “Snow White & the Huntsman” and discuss the future Star Wars films.

W.I.P. # 89 – Fall Movies

On this episode:
-comic stack
-fubar 2 review
-hero at large review
-games roundup
-ill communication review
-fall movies
-one to watch


Comic Tube Episode 57: PS3 VS 360


Leroy is joined by Art from The Too Old to Grow UP! Podcast to continue their debate on 360 vs the PS3.

Voicemail: 347-404-5302
Email: Comictube@gmail.com


The Too Old To Grow Up! Podcast

The Next Issue 21: Disney Buys Marvel? No Sweat



In this issue, Aitch and Kev talk about Disney’s purchase of Marvel, 1st impressions of Batman Arkham Asylum, Gladiator Blu Ray and Borderlands early build. Also they review Dark Avengers 8, Wolverine 77, Green Lantern 45 and The Boys 34.

 Email address:  thenextissue@yahoo.com

Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/harry.cee1?ref=name#/pages/The-Next-Issue/132035836312


The Next Issue Podcast

The Next Issue Podcast

Too Old to Grow Up! – Episode 36 – What’s a VCR?

The way we get our entertainment has changed drastically over the last 20 years.   With the arrival of Netflix watch instantly on the Xbox 360 this week, we take a brief look at how home entertainment has evolved through the years.

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