Pop Media Savant Episode 84: Tech Talk: WWDC 2013

This week I discuss in detail the event of WWDC and all the important announcements. As well as what new hardware and software Apple has coming out for us in the near future. How many of the rumors where correct? Has Apple finally silenced there critics about the ability to innovate in the current market space? Let’s find out together. Enjoy!

Pop Media Savant Episode 55: Tech Talk: Apple WWDC 2012 Conference

This week we discuss all things Apple as there WWDC Conference comes to close. I talk about all the announcements software and hardware alike and will either be any benefit to you enough to warrant an upgrade. Enjoy!

The Next Issue 36: Hangovers, Comics, and Megan…

The Next Issue Podcast

IN this very full episode, Kevin’s Adevntures takes us to Vegas, then the guys talk about the endings for Lost and 24 and how there will be nothing to watch next season. The guys debate if changing Spider-man’s race is the right thing to do. The WWDC is discussed. In 1st Impressions, Kev and Aitch talk about Red Dead Redemption, why you should stay away from Alpha Protocol and play Blur instead. (Megan Fox’s Toe Thumb) Comics reviewed are Avengers 1, Garrison #2, Thor 610. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as the guys did recording.