Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #254: Secret Empire! Teen Titans! Wrestling News?

Episode #254: Secret Empire! Teen Titans! Wrestling News? 
 On this podcast we review Marvel’s Secret Empire #0, and DC Comics’ new animated Teen Titans: The Judas Contract film. Do you know why Comic sites are reporting wrestling news? Neither do we. Let’s figure it out together. Listen in! What did you think of Secret […]

Arc Reactions – 67 – ECCC 2017 Recap

Dylan and John discuss Emerald City Comicon 2017 and share their experiences with the event. We talk about panels we saw, people we chatted with, and what Reed Pop is doing well and where we could see some improvement. AS MENTIONED ———————– Stan Lee honored for his military service   Our next podcast will be Logan […]

Snarky Geeks Episode 132

Snarky Geeks Episode 132 – …Sniffing Comics!    Hosts Franky DeJesus and John Turiano After going over some news bits, such as the retirement of AJ Lee from wrestling, BvS trailer, DeadPool costume,  Secret Wars cancellations, the Snarks give a plethora of reviews, Spawn: Resurrection, Jem and The Holograms, Hack/Slash/Nailbiter, Big Man Plans, Multiversity: Ultra Comics, Deep Dive Daredevils, […]

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #171 With Brimstone

I hope you’re ready for some straight talk about comics and the comics industry! This week, I interview professional wrestler and comic-book creator Brimstone, who discusses the many quality offerings from his company, Hound Comics! That includes Brimstone and the Borderhounds, featuring the man himself! We discuss his long-term interest in comics, how the company […]

The Undecideables Oddcast – Average Age of 72 and a Half

  The Undecideables discuss all things pop culture this week as Jimmy finally remembers the episode number, Dan watches Wrestlemania 31 and they both enjoy the same comic series!  Read and Listen!! Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Zone 4 #297: Please Pass the Gravy

This week, the cast is light due to holiday festivities and illness, so Brant and Chris chat for a while. First, they talk about Thanksgiving, and some random chit-chat. Then, it’s on to the news, talking the Jurassic World and Star Wars VII trailers, sequel news, Convergence week 3, and more. For Topic Time, they […]

Arc Reactions – s13 – Guardians of the Galaxy (film)

SPOILERS!!!!  SPOILERS!!!!  SPOILERS!!!!  SPOILERS!!!!  SPOILERS!!!! We are joined once again by Demetrick for Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Studios. Have you seen the film? If not, please go see it and come back to listen to the episode. If you have seen the film, enjoy our thoughts on it and please let us know […]

Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 84: Reviews of Andre the Giant, Shackleton, and Southern Bastards #1

Shoeshine Boy On this episode of The Comics Alternative, Andy and Derek discuss three new titles, and boy, do they have great time! They begin with Box Brown’s new graphic biography from First Second, Andre the Giant: Life and Legend. While neither of the Two Guys are big professional wrestling fans, they did grow up in an era where […]


The Undecideables return for a ton of talky talk!  Walking Dead!  Sinestro!  Superior Spider-Man!  Also, they complain about group texts, and why villains are better in small doses Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Snarky Geeks Episode 83

Snarky Geeks Episode 83 – We Shoop…!  Hosts Franky DeJesus And John Turiano These two Snarks go over the Diamond Previews, Talking about Dave Wachter and the Guns of Shadow Valley, Tom Beland and Chicacabra, Watchmen and the Original Writer, Robert Kirkman’s Outcast…Etc. Franky has a theory about CM Punk, and John talks about TNA new champ […]

LTC: Episode 019 – Christopher Daniels

This week on the Let’s Talk Comics podcast we welcome TNA wrestler, comics fan & EXCLUSIVE NEWS BREAK – writer! – Christopher Daniels to the show. Christopher Daniels is far from a “Bad Influence” when it comes to being a die hard comic fan. From comics inspired ring gear, to a self proclaimed “John Byrne” […]

Hall of Toys #15: George Reeves’ Head on a Pole

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys! Brant and Chris are back with special guest Dan Sehn for a special All-Toy-Talk episode in celebration of our 15th episode! First up, it’s Toy Talk, we talk about everything from WWE, to Power Rangers, to Marvel Legends, to DC Direct, to Minecraft, to Mego, to Star Wars… […]

Ultimate Facepalm Ep 71: The World’s End Review, The Flash TV Series and

  NSFW!!! Fast, loose and long; That’s how we like it here. Another long one here, so let’s get at it.   Creepy intro The fun we’re not allowed to have in Australia C Bomb confuses Mr Muscle with Mr Clean #People…… are get-ting fatter# Giant German Baby We talk all things Matthew Mcconaughey in […]

The Vault Of Startling Monster Horror Tales Of Terror 7 – They Live

YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES – LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST, OR EAT THIS GARBAGE CAN! In this latest installment of our John Carpenter retrospective we take a look through a Hoffman Lens at THEY LIVE. Of course, this movie is a MASTERPIECE! Join L Jacone, The Hair Metal Hero, The Chris-Keeper and special guest Mike Cross […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #50: Jetta Meets Billy Ocean & John Cena.

Martheus and Janet Wade are interviewed about their latest Original Graphic Novel, Jetta: Tales of The Toshigawa – Full Circle, then Jon Carroll swings by as he and Shawn discuss the iPad 2 and Race In Comics, and later on Donny Salvo stops by as Shawn tells him about the strangest dream he’s ever had, which then lead to a […]