Longbox Review Presents The Gutters: Traveller’s Edition

I’ve been travelling a bit in the last two months, and I wanted to talk about the comic book bits relating to that.


Let me know if you’ll be attending ECCC. Thanks for listening!

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F BombCast 124: 1st Rule of Viking Chess Club

We may not have our normal Manning, but we do have THE MANning. We learn today that Stephen king is a great writer according to kev, despite the fact that he can only name 4 of the 5 million books he has written. Complete honesty here, I have no clue what the hell we talked about. Dr. Who, Wild Pig, Comic Sale, Computers, Friends, Lamps, Tony Awards, Destructive Baby stories and more. We did manage to get some comics in. Hack/Slash, X-Factor 217, and 100 Bullets Vol 1. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 60: When Wild Pigs Fly

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Episode 60
So the day has come and the F Bombers (including dave) were all in the same place at the same time. Somehow the world did not end nor did a fissure open and swallow us all (and that is the biggest surprise due to the shear size of us). We came (numerous Times), we Saw (Lots of Comics), and we conquered (Hyundai Elantras).IN this episode we answer some sage questions from the boy who is monkey as well as discuss Thematic differences in the musical elements of John Carpenter Films. Then The discussion turns darker as we discuss life without faith and without morality. NAH FUCK THAT, we talk lots of comics as each bomber discusses their Wild Pig Haul. We go more in depth to X titles then TJ would ever want as Mike is Confused at the Apocalypse Saga Time Line and Kevin Brings in the Dark X-Men, TJ’s love for Ennis grows As he brings the discussion the The Battlefields Collection and especially Dear Billy and kevin proclaims him king of the world, and we end the conversation up with a little CowboyNinjaViking. Enjoy, it was a blast!

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