Arc Reactions – 89 – Death and the Maiden

We discuss the webcomic Death and the Maiden by Nina Ruzicka. We start 2018 off with a new type of story for us. This will be the first time we have covered a webcomic and we talk aobut how that changes the experience slightly as well as some of the great things this comic does as well as a few things that confused us.

Talking points

Bad Things

Death’s powers and rules are ill-defined (6:15)
Tone changes as the story goes along (13:00)

Good Things

Death (17:34)
Little Death (27:15)
The Maiden (31:26)
Story (36:59)

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Our next podcast will be our review of Stumptown v1-3 on February 4th.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #224 With Nadja Baer And Nathan Lueth

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Ruben Romero, Richard Rivera, Bob Salley, Three Swords, Kickstarter, Salvagers, Think Alike Productions, Stabbity Bunny, Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas, George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones, Athos, Porthos, Aramis.

I first discovered Impure Blood and Melting Down at this year’s C2E2, and after reading their great books, I knew I had to interview creators Nadja Baer and Nathan Lueth. They discuss how they’re bringing the Impure Blood series of graphic novels to fans everywhere, including how Nathan introduced Nadja to comics, how they work together as a team, and how they put these books together, including using laying out the pages in landscape format instead of the usual portrait mode comics often appear in. This series is also a webcomic, with a new page appearing every Monday. We also talk about Melting Down, which is described as “a comic for kids with Asperger’s Disorder and challenging behavior,” a comic I found both riveting and educational.

To check out Impure Blood online, you can visit their website at this link. To buy these books, you can also go to this link at for Volume 1, here for Volume 2, and this location for Volume 3.  Volume 4 is due Winter 2017.Melting Down can be found here on Amazon as well.  You can also purchase their comics through the avenues listed in this episode. Highly recommended!


Deconstructing Comics #459: Yokohama Comics Chat

Chris Taylor, James StaceyThis week Tim travels just south of Tokyo to Yokohama to meet up with Chris Taylor (“Sketchfro”), creator of Relic Hunter: Riven, and James Stacey of Black Hook Press, which publishes Japanese translations of US and UK graphic novels. How do you prepare for conventions? Did you do comics differently back home? What’s different about tabling at German comics events? Why did Chris get in an argument with Archie Comics? That and more!

Deconstructing Comics site

FIC Interview: Madeline Holly Rosing | Boston Metaphysical Society

Boston Metaphysical

Enter the Boston Metaphysical Society, a Steampunk Supernatural Mystery Six-Issue Mini-Series Web Comic Written and Created By Madeleine Holly-Rosing with superb art By Emily Hu. Doc connects with Madeline for an interview, and we are hoping this discussion will get people to check out this project POST HASTE! The Doc approves, and more importantly, the Master!



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RBDHB: Tim Chamberlain Interview (Artist of webcomic Our Valued Customers)

RBDHB was lucky enough interview Tim Chamberlain the Boston based artist who does the webcomic Our Valued Customers, One of my favorite webcomics. ( )

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Indie Comics Episode – March 2012


The indie comic selection for March 2012 is Valkyrie Squadron – Anomaly by Jules Rivera! A crew of four women, evil robots, and sci-fi action galore!

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This episode has been brought to you by Crazy Mary!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Indie Comics Episode – January 2012


The indie comic selection for January 2012 is Backwood Folk Volume 1: Greenville Is Forever by Gustav Carlson! Mesmerizing watercolors and goats of legend aplenty!

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 108


In this special episode I interview webcomic superstar Gustav Carlson (Backwood Folk). Join us as we fondly discuss growing up on internet message boards, raising goats in Arkansas, and the release of his first volume of Backwood Folk.

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Book Of The Month – Hark! A Vagrant


The Book of the Month for October 2011 is none other than Hark! A Vagrant (Drawn & Quarterly) written and illustrated by Kate Beaton.

A wonderful webcomic, and absolute catnip for history and literature fans!

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