Comic Frontline Live #157: Time & Place!

Every week, the Comic Frontline crew comes together to discuss the latest in the world of comics.

This week, 4 of the 6 Frontliners talk the new Wonder Woman creative team, Fruit Ninja comics, Dark Forge Metal one shots, casting for Legends of Tomorrow, Dazzler, Pepper Pots, a Lois & Clark reunion, and more!

Plus, our Worst Picks and Top 5 Picks, Cover of the Week, Most Anticipated, etc.

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Video version of this episode:

X-Men Monday #2: What Ninjas?

Ryan and Allen discuss the X-Men books released the week of June 21, 2017. The guys give their overall thoughts on the books and ResurrXion line. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the #XMENMONDAY thread. Thanks for listening!

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