Comic Frontline 2016 Awards!

The Comic Frontline 2016 Awards is an annual show that we do where we spend months nominating, deliberating and voting. Our choices DO NOT reflect any one single Frontline member, but the group’s through the voting process. Hope you enjoy!

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Hall of Toys #25: It Only Took Us Three Years!


It’s the return of Hall of Toys! Presented to you by Zone 4, the 25th epic episode of Hall of Toys is finally here!

Chris and Brant discuss some of the San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusives, some upcoming figures, and of course present their And… Action Figure! picks!

Celebrate the long-awaited 25th episode of Hall of Toys right here on Comic Frontline!

Links to items we discussed on the show:

neegan glenn mib

neegan glenn bw

Hasbro’s G. I. Joe / Transformers SDCC Exclusive Officially Revealed
SDCC 2016 Fundays Freddy Funko Sting POP! Vinyl Figure
SDCC 2016 Exclusive Skybound Saga Figure Alana and Marko 2-Pack
SDCC Exclusives

Zone 4 #304: Birthright, Convergence & Secret Wars

The crew returns with another brand new episode of your favorite round table comic podcast!

Brant, John, Chris and Mike return to discuss Image Comics’ Birthright, Marvel’s Secret Wars, DC’s Convergence, plus comics we’re reading and looking forward to, and more!

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Birthright Vol. 1

Secret Wars



Comic Book Corner 2.0

Dark Avenger C86

Comic Frontline

LackLuster World on Kickstarter

New Comic Day

Alternate Reality – Episode 362


Alternate Reality – Episode #362

Jon and Charlie are flying solo in this episode to talk about Superman: Unbound; the new, direct to video, animated feature.  Tonight the guys talk much about how well they liked or didn’t like this movie.  Everything from the voice cast to the animation style, to the plot points of the story are discussed.  How does this movie stack up against all the other DC animated projects?  What do the guys think of the upcoming Flashpoint project?  Will all animated DC features take place in the “New 52” going forward?  When is Partin coming back?  All these answers and more await you,….. well except for the one about Partin.


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Baltimore Comicon 2011: Interview with Kelly Yates from IDW’s Doctor Who

Our good friends over at Sorgatron Media attended the Baltimore Comic Con 2011 and had the pleasure of talking with Kelly Yates, illustrator for the Doctor Who comic from IDW. They talk about how he got into comics, how the comics handle canon, and what characters he would like to tackle.

Big thanks to Sorgatron Media for letting us share this video. Enjoy!

Two True Freaks! Episode 187 – The MYSTERY Video Game Episode


The Freaks’ recent video game was so popular that we have followed it up with – MORE VIDEO GAMES! What games? It’s a mystery! Who is the MYSTERY HOST? Sorry, no spoilers here! All I can say is listen in to hear a BOLD, NEW PODCASTER who may just sound vaguely familiar…….



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Video: Francesco Francavilla at Charlotte Mini-Con 2010

At the Charlotte Mini-Con the Dollar Bin may have captured the greatest sketch cover sketching ever done.  Who was that sketch cover by?  None other than Francesco Francavilla.  Are they giving it away to a fan?  Yes.  Watch and listen to find out more.


Catch Da Craze Episode #127 Live at MOCCA with New Radio Comics

Catch Da Craze Episode #127 Live at MOCCA Art Festival with New Radio Comics

Live from the MOCCA Art Festival with New Radio Comics Team Jad Ziade and Alex Cahill. The duo talks to field reporter Darien Torres about their titles and the process of making their books. Check it out HERE!!!

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