X-Men Monday Episode 39: Outkast

This episode is stacked with in-depth coverage of last weeks X titles. Young Jean Grey is dead, Venom got hit in the face by a shovel, and Wakanda Forever. Rob and Anthony join to send off the rocky terrains of the Iceman series. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the episode thread. Want to support the podcast? Check out our Patreon, here. Thanks for listening!

Intro (0:00), Iceman #11 (2:43), Rogue & Gambit #3 (32.29), X-Men Red #2 (41:02), X-Men Gold #23 (51:03), Venom #163 (1:05:05), Fastball Tweets (1:13:16), General Discussion (1:31:02)

Retcon X – “Phoenix Rising”
Ongface – “Sax Me Your Resume”

X-Men Monday Ep. 37: Bon Voyage Roxy

Generation X comes to an end and the guys are joined by Rob and Anthony for a roundtable discussion. Deadpool vs Old Man Logan also wraps up leaving Ryan and Allen pondering whats next for Maddie. Join the guys as they review last weeks X-Men titles, discuss the Fastball Tweets sent in from listeners, and more. Want to support the podcast? Check out our Patreon, here. Thanks for listening!

Intro (0:00), Rob’s Sale Summary (3:06), Astonishing X-Men #8 (13:52), Generation X #87 (29:03), Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #5 (49:24), X-Men Gold #22 (58:52), Venom #162 (1:06:00), Fastball Tweets (1:13:56), General Discussion (1:33:00)

Retcon X – “Phoenix Rising”
Ongface – “Sax Me Your Resume”

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #269: Venom-Less! Gotham by Gaslight!

Batman Gotham by Gaslight Movie Review

On this podcast we talk about the Venom-Less Venom trailer, and review Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. If you never read the book, you’ll love it. Listen in!

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Comic News Insider Episode 831 – CNI Love!

Comic News Insider: Episode 831 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Twisted Romance #1, Walt Disney Showcase Vol 2 #1, X-Men Red #1, Altered Carbon

Jon Hoche returns to co-host! They talk about the Venom trailer, Michael Bay possibly directing a Lobo film and Joaquin Phoenix may be a new Joker. News includes: the classic Archie comics are returning, Wolverine’s return in comics will come in 4 separate series, Hannah Simone will star in the remake of The Greatest American Hero and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Zone 4 #405: 2017-2018: Mice, Metal & Milestones

(aka Countdown to Doomsfinity!)

The crew returns with a brand new episode of Zone 4, the first of 2018!

In this episode, they take a look back at highlights in the world of comics in 2017. Then they look forward and talk about some upcoming highlights in comics for 2018!

Some of the topics discussed:


Secret Empire

Doomsday Clock
Wild Storm
Bendis Goes to DC
Justice League Flops
Disney Buys Fox


The Wedding of Colossus and Kitty

Dan Slott’s Amazing Run Ends?
Action Comics #1000
Earth-M (Milestone Reboot)
Black Panther Movie
Venom Anniversary
Aquaman Movie

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Columbus Comics Corner Episode 46: Crisis on Reboot Earth + Last Week’s Comics

Raw and somewhat uncut, the guys catch up on last week’s books and give some insight into the future of the show. Thanks for listening!

General Discussion (0:00), Harley Quinn #25 (4:34), New Super-Man #14 (12:58), Venom #153 (19:57), The Defenders #4 (26:43), Redlands #1 (34:52), Rankings (41:15), Honorable Mentions (46:30), Closing Thoughts (49:52)

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Comic Frontline Live #154: Looks Like We Made It!

The Comic Frontline Crew returns for another fun-filled episode of Comic Frontline Live! And Marvel apparently knows who we are!

In this episode we discuss the Runaways teasers Marvel has been releasing, Supergirl’s cast, Venom’s 150th issue, Action Comics, and more.

Plus, we share our Top 5 and worst pick, cover of the week, most anticipated and the viewers show Gonzogoose some more love!

Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ehaydc2bo

Find this and more at www.comicfrontline.com and www.youtube.com/comicfrontline

Comic Frontline Live #153: We Ain’t Afraid of No Honk!

The Comic Frontline crew returns with another episode of their weekly LIVE show, Comic Frontline Live!

This week, the Gonzogoose becomes the butt of a few lame jokes and starts a movement! Plus Resident Evil, Superman, the Venom movie, and much more!

Plus, we give our Top 5 and Worst Pick, Cover of the Week, Most Anticipated, what’s coming up, coming out and going on, and more!

Don’t forget to follow us on www.comicfrontline.com and www.youtube.com for even more of the insanity!

Video version of this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA80IA8OoBA

Super Hero Speak – #197: The Cookie Paradox

This week the guys sit down and discuss the latest in Marvel and DC movie news. Including Joss Whedon to write and direct Batgirl, Sony sill planing to make a stand alone Venom film and a mind-breaker of a consumable oddity that may just reveal a fracture in the matrix code that is reality. Plus soo much more, so sit back and relax!

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Comic News Insider Episode 754 – Iron Deficiency Fist!

Comic News Insider: Episode 754 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Batwoman Vol 2 #1, Coady And The Creepies #1, Vampirella Vol 7 #1, Iron Fist, Tangled Before Ever After, Beauty and the Beast

Jon Hoche returns to the rotating co-host chair! They chat about the big lightsaber battle in Star Wars: Rebels and Jimmy is madly prepping for the upcoming MoCCA Festival. And yes, they talk way too long (some would say ad nauseum) about Iron Fist. News includes: Clueless continues in comic book from Boom!, DC Comics faces some Dark Days, Will.i.Am is bringing an alien/zombie/hip hop themed comic to Marvel, KISS and Vampirella are teaming up at Dynamite Entertainment, a Matrix reboot/relaunch/rehash/re-something is in early development at Warner Bros., a Venom film is coming out next year and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 91

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Venom #4, Teen Titans #5, Heathen #1, Superman #18, Elektra #1, and more ………..

Run Times –

News In Comics…. – 3:16 – 9:48

Venom #4 – 9:56 – 18:50

Teen Titans #5 – 18:50 – 24:10

Heathen #1 – 24:15 – 34:21

Superman #18 – 34:23- 1:00:45

– 1:00:45 – 1:16:00


Books to look for – 1:16:00


*** If you would like to ask a question of our panel you can email at – top5podcast@hotmail.com ***

Comic Frontline Live #137: The Real Clone Conspiracy!

Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through Google Hangouts where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it!

This week the crew is down by two and discuss: Old Man Logan! Monsters Unleashed gets an ongoing! Black Panther gets a Crew! Witchblade gets a series! Judas Contract cast! The Last Jedi! Logan Trailer! Power Rangers Trailer! Plus Worst Pick, and The Top 5 comics of this week, Most Anticipated 3 comics for next week, let your voice be heard in our weekly poll and more!

Frontline LIVE Weekly Poll:

Video Version: https://youtu.be/V3GaFniLVrg

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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 80 – Season 4

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Batgirl #1, Venom Space Knight #10, Rom #1, Titans #1, Uncanny X-Men #10, and more ………..

Run Times –podcast logo 80

News In Comics…. – 2:18- 10:59

Batgirl #1 – 10:59 – 25:41

Venom Space Knight #10 – 25:43 – 31:58

Rom #1 – 31:58– 43:48

Titans #1 – 43:48- 53:27

Uncanny X-Men #10 – 53:27- 1:01:00

Interview with Jim Shooter Denver Comic Con 2016 – 1:05:05 – 1:16:01

Books to look for – 1:17:50

*** If you would like to ask a question of our panel you can email at – top5podcast@hotmail.com ***

ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 47: Interns Take Over! INJECTION’s Declan Shalvey Interview


If you haven’t picked up Warren Ellis’ cycle of MOON KNIGHT or his new original series, INJECTION, you’re not only missing out on some quality, innovative storytelling, but you’re also behind on some fantastic artists. Here at ComicsVerse, we had the good fortune of sharing some podcast time with artist, Declan Shalvey, to discuss his art education, artistic process, and personal philosophies. Not only does he share his artistic achievements and endeavors with his current girlfriend and colorist partner, Jordie Bellaire, but he also has been honored to have the Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, SUPREME: BLUE ROSE) come to him to collaborate. And on top of that, they share the title as co-creators.

INJECTION is oft described as beautifully drawn, with just the right amount of withholding in storyline. Ellis, not formally known as a classic storyteller, uses his writing chops and fully utilizes Declan Shalvey’s individualistic art style to tell a unified and new kind of story: something gorgeous and not easily digestible. But with this challenge comes a beautiful ease in Declan Shalvey’s lines and Jordie Bellaire’s excellent color work. It’s very clear that the teamwork here with these three individuals is a rare and unique one that should continue to be revisited.


In this podcast, we go in-depth with Declan Shalvey’s experience as a working artist. At the base of all his experience and talent, he is a man looking to do what we all strive to fulfill: the need to create something original. Having been recognized as a favored newcomer artist by the Eagle Award group in 2010, Declan Shalvey has taken the last five years to great new heights for his career, as well as his integrity as an artist. During this podcast, we talk a lot about his compatible relationship with Ellis, as well as his tangential ponderings on what it means to be an artist in the industry as well as in life. Shalvey—although terribly modest—is self aware of his ability and desire to create something as an artist that he can call his own, having always known that he was going to draw for comics, even through his time at an art school that had no specialization for such a thing. Despite all the typical, self-effacing artistic nature of Declan Shalvey’s person, there is still an admirable confidence in the work that he’s doing and a clear prioritization to doing art for himself.

For more information on Declan Shalvey:

image of Declan Shalvey

Declan Shalvey is best known from his work on the recent MOON KNIGHT relaunch with Writer Warren Ellis for Marvel Comics. He has worked on many other series for Marvel such as VENOM and DEADPOOL as well as work with other publishers such as CONAN for Dark Horse Comics and NORTHLANDERS for DC/Vertigo. This current series is a creator owned project with Ellis called INJECTION, published by Image Comics.


For your convenience, this podcast is also available on iTunes:

Download on iTunes

The following members of the ComicsVerse family appeared in this podcast:

Justin Gilbert Alba, Kathleen Wisneski, Chris Massari, Kayson Honda and Marius Theinenkamp

Please show some love and leave us some comments! Let us know what you thought about the podcast!

Original post:





He’s Got Issues #177.1: Marvel Comics, 6/3/15


  • All-New X-Men #41
  • Amazing Spider-Man #18.1
  • Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1
  • Armor Wars #1
  • Darth Vader #6
  • Future Imperfect #1
  • Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX #1
  • Groot #1
  • Guardians Team-Up #6
  • Master Of Kung Fu #2 (Of 4)
  • Princess Leia #4 (Of 5)
  • Secret Wars #3 (Of 8)
  • Secret Wars Battleworld #2 (Of 4)
  • Spider-Woman #8
  • Star Wars #6
  • Superior Iron Man #9
  • Thanos The Infinity Relativity HC
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6
  • Wolverines #20
  • X-Tinction Agenda #1
  • Years Of Future Past #1


  • Avengers Millennium TP
  • House Of Hem TP
  • Marvel Masterworks Not Brand Echh Volume 1 HC
  • Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Battleworld Box Set Slipcase
  • Marvel Universe Ant-Man Digest TP
  • Star Wars The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 2 HC
  • Venom By Rick Remender The Complete Collection Volume 1 TP

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