Alternate Reality – Episode 337

Alternate Reality – Episode #337

What’s this??? Jon and Charlie on an episode by themselves??? It’s like flashback time, Jon and Charlie haven’t gone solo in forever, and the reason?  All because nobody wanted to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter save for them.  Well that’s too bad because the other guys don’t know what they missed, and perhaps you don’t either…. Well don’t distress,… Jon and Charlie are here to fill you in on all the vampire slaying goodness was in this movie and hopefully convince you to give it whirl on DVD one of these days….


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Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner – Drinky Talky – Episode 117


In this special episode I’m joined by Matt (Duke of Douche), Darcy (The Destroyer), Dommy (The House Dwarf) Aaron (MMA Legend), and several others to recap Saturday of Wondercon 2012! Dommy talks a lot, I give great birthday gifts, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day so we’ve been drinking all day! EXPLICIT CONTENT & DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY!