EMP Episode 159: Conan and Castle Carrying Coffins

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

Episode 159…IN THIS EPISODE… it’s the sweet sorrow of parting ways as once again we give a fierce “Farewell” to the our erstwhile CHAMPIONS. We break off a Buffalo nickel’s worth of EMP takes on the highs and lows and the possible future for the team that still bears the torch for the Marvel Universe of Tomorrow! NEXT! In the title that you didn’t know you needed, Blade brings a bunch of buddys (including Bucky) along for a dust-up with Dopplegangers…. but this secret invasion is about character beats, not beat-downs. It’s STRIKEFORCE #2! THEN.. It’s the settlement of a case of “Opposites being Unattractive” in the 616, because this episode we find out what happens when Conan and Castle have to cross a cold continent…while carrying coffins! But why does this whacky bridge-book make more sense than the first 5 issues? Find out in SAVAGE AVENGERS #6 MEANWHILE…not to be topped off by a caveman and a crazed-killer, it’s the Flame-Fested Fight to the Finish-Line in AVENGERS #25! Robbie Reyes has been hearing how shoddy a Spirit of Vengeance he makes since he first keyed up the Hell-Charger. And today’s they day he finally finds out what makes a Ghost Rider! Is it Hellfire and Hate? Or is it the Hope for something more? PLUS! The QUICK HITS breakdown Asgard’s finest, Dr Doom’s date for drinks, and …even MORE Savage Avengers? (Hey, we don’t decide when the Annuals drop!) ITS ALL IN THIS EPISODE OF EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST! ..’Nuff Spoiled!

0:15:03 Champions (2019) #10
0:25:31 Savage Avengers (2019) #6
0:39:37 Strikeforce (2019) #2
0:48:51 Avengers (2018) #25

Quick Hits
1:07:59 Ghost Rider (2019) #1
1:09:50 Dr. Doom (2019) #1
1:11:58 King Thor (2019) #1
1:13:19 Valkyrie (2019) #4
1:16:57 Savage Avengers Annual (2019) #1

Music: EMP theme song
By Tribe One

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F BombCast 70: Holy Hand Grenade, We Talk Sidekicks

Episode 70

Just a shaft and a ball, but we sure do hit all our regular subjects. Music, Cum, Poop, Comics, Movies, Music, kirby, Morrison, It is all in there. I am so super tired today so this is going to be not so witty, nor that long. Movies we talk about American Splendor, Valkyrie, IT Crowd, The Tudors. Music is W.A.S.P. and Paul Gilbert. TJ throws in his man crush Mike Portnoy and Nikko McBrain. Hellblazer and and the Golden Age sandman are also spoken of in Passing. We have a great top 5 Sidekicks from TV/Movies that are not superhero related. It really is a good show that this description is doing nothing for. Sorry, Just listen, Your ears will thank you with a reach around.

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