#586 Flirting with death, and recovering your life

This week Koom interviews Prabal Purkayastha, author of Flirting with Death, about how he tried to use the structure of a comic to communicate music, and how his next project is just the opposite of this one.

Then, what would you do if you found yourself on a park bench along a city street, and you knew where you were but you didn’t know who you were? Your home, friends, family, job, all forgotten. Tim and Eugenia review the French graphic novel Blank Slate, by Boulet and Penelope Bagieu, in which a young woman in Paris encounters exactly this problem.

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Super Hero Speak – #65: Elena: Divinity Rising

It’s Super Hero Speak’s first international episode! This week Dave sits down with Stuart Jennett and Darren Pearce from the U.K. and they talk all about their new book Elena: Divinity Rising. Also Dave learns about how comics differ in the United Kingdom from the U.S. Darren is a new comer to the comics scene, where Stuart is a long time vet having worked for Marvel U.K. and had much success with his series Chronos Commandos. So take a look into Elena: Divinity rising with us and enjoy!


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 question of last week: Which DC hero, introduced in 1961, got his powers when he accidentally drank bottle of super plastic formula, he thought was soda?

Answer: Bouncing Boy

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#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: In the before Watchmen books it was revealed the 2 of the Minutemen had a sexual relationship. Which 2 was it?

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