F BombCast 129: Flash… He’s the Savior of the Multiverse

Despite not being good at numbers and telling the world that this was episode 130, this i actually episode 129, which starts the show off telling you about the numerous things that Kevin will be wrong about. TJ has anger towards those that make fun of people yet show their ignorance in the process, and Margaret has a shitty boss. We learn that while some may not actually have a prick, they can still be a prick. Flashpoint kicked all sorts of ass and if you do not agree with that statement then go read something else. Batman and Robin is getting better and better and Jason Todd is only allowed one writer. Cassie Hack shows her naughty bits, and Chuck Dixon writes like a five year old. All this and more in a very entertaining F BombCast. Enjoy!

an iTunes review would be extra sexy.

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