Comics Alternative, Episode 258: Our Fifth Annual Thanksgiving Show

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Pass the Pie


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the folks at The Comics Alternative all gather around the virtual table to share what they are thankful for in terms of comics and comics culture. Pulling up a seat this year are Gwen, Paul, Sean, Gene, Edward, and Derek. Among the many things that they’re thankful for are

What more could one ask for in a holiday podcast episode? Well…maybe some pie.



Comics Alternative, Episode 215: Our Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Show

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Giving Thanks in a Dark Time; Or, Steve Ditko’s Impending Death


For this year’s Thanksgiving show, there are seven seats at the table, making this the most populated episode in the podcast’s history. Andy K. and Derek are joined by their fellow cohosts Gwen, Andy W., Gene, Sean, and Edward to discuss what they are thankful for in the world of comics. (Shea and Paul couldn’t join in on the fun, unfortunately, but they were there in spirit.) Among the various things they’re thankful for are

So pull up a chair, strap on the bib, pass the gravy, and settle into the warm, cozy goodness of The Seven People with PhDs Talking about Comics. And remember: the tryptophan will kick in later.



Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 64: The December Previews Catalog

“Rabbits, Pets, or Meat” or “Packaging Goes a Long Way”

PreviewsDecIt’s time again for the Two Guys with PhDs to go through the monthly Previews catalog. This time around there are a number of noteworthy solicits to mention, including Fatima: The Blood SpinnersThe White Suits #1, and Someplace Strange (from Dark Horse); The Royals #1 and Daytripper: Deluxe Edition (DC/Vertigo); Red Panda: The Mask of the Red Panda (IDW Publishing); The Fuse #1, The Revenger #1, and The Mercenary Sea #1 (Image Comics); Sanctuary (Slave Labor Graphics); A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Bloomsbury); Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1 (Dynamite Entertainment); Walt before Skeezix: 1919-1920 and the new printing of The Fixer (Drawn & Quarterly); Zero Hour and Other StoriesInsect Bath #1, and Cannon (Fantagraphics); The Bunker #1 (Oni Press); The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror (Titan Books); Tippy and the Night Parade (Toon Books); The Bojeffries Saga and Alone Forever (Top Shelf); and American Comic Book Chronicles: 1965-1969 (TwoMorrows Publishing).

Also in this episode: Andy discusses the merits of buying local for his family dinner, and Derek shares a rabbit-induced trauma from his childhood.  Oh…and there’s some good general comics talk.

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WHAP – Your Hetalia Station #1



Welcome to the first episode of WHAP! A radio show continuing the lives of the nations that you don’t see one the screen. This episode features:
~ Canada:  Matthew, America’s meek brother that is often overlooked
~Cuba: Alejandro, Canada’s best friend
~Turkey: Sadiq, an older country who is known for being cruel
~Prussia: Gilbert, a retired country who is into himself and Matt
If you like what you hear, make sure to check out Podtalia in the Hetalia lj forums. DISCLAIMER: We don’t own any of the music, characters, or Hetalia in general.

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