Critiquing Comics #140: “The Incapable Trump” and “Empress”

Trump and Empress

Two more comics submitted by their creators for Tim and Mulele’s comments:

The Incapable Trump, by Omar Mirza and Alex Genaro gives us a Trump who changes into the Incredible Hulk! it looks great, but is this the best approach to take as a commentary on Trump?

Empress, by Brian Barr, Chuck Amadori, Marcelo Salaza, and Matheus Bronca, a comic about multiple generations of women haunted by green monsters. Which parts look good, and which parts lose us?

Deconstructing Comics site

Super Hero Speak – #181: Scott Larson

This week the guys sit down with comic creator Scott Larson. Scott talks politics, his career and his latest project Visitations. Yes in a break from our normal routine we end up talking about the 2016 election. We hope we don’t offend, enjoy!


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