Arc Reactions – 81 – Jeff

We cover Jeff by Travis Bundy and Chad Thomas in our second episode of follow up fall. We talk about the story, the characters, and interview the writer/artist.

Talking points

Story (1:44)
Characters (4:27)
Art (8:25)
Interview with Travis (9:44)

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As Mentioned

Arc Reactions – 35 – Billy Love Nibbles

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Critiquing Comics #054: “Bud and Simon”

budandsimonWe can see why some of the characters in Bud & Simon are fuzzy — Bud is a koala — but why are the buildings? Is it a parody of spy tropes, or a serious attempt that doesn’t quite get the tropes right? Tim and Mulele examine David Starbuck’s comic to answer the surprisingly tricky question: Is it lame or awesome?

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VACANT Bits #15

Listen to VACANT Bits #15 right now:

Heather and Michelle Nunnelly start off by talking about a couple storytelling techniques used in the VACANT webcomic. One in involves the “set up and pay off” style movie scriptwriters often use. The other involves Vacant’s prologue, which you can see as a trailer.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Then they go over the good bad girl trope. Examples of good bad girls include Catwoman and Black Widow. They compare these characters to their male counterpart, the bad boy.

Vulcan nerve pinch!

After that they tear apart Star Trek Into Darkness (with SPOILERS!) for its weak female characters and lame ass ending.