Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 36: Morning Glories Vol. 1: For A Better Future TP

This month’s Trade Your Pick selection is Morning Glories Vol. 1: For A Better Future TP. As always I do a detailed review of the book and talk all things surrounding it. Enjoy!

Burnt Weiners Episode 069 Punisher Max #12 – Moon Lake – Unwritten #24

Our 69th episode . . . yes . .  please giggle as you need to! The weiners load up their carts full of DC and Marvel this week, but also have a few offerings from IDW, Image and Archaia to round out a healthy comic diet.


0:05:47 – Justice League Generation Lost #23(DC)
0:07:40 – Spawn #206 (Image)
0:10:35 – Unwritten #24 (Vertigo)
0:17:37 – Lil’ Depressed Boy (Image)
0:21:12 – Carnage #4 (Marvel)
0:24:42 – Birds of Prey #11 (DC)
0:29:07 – Thunder Agents #6 (DC)
0:34:20 – Punisher Max #12 (Marvel)
0:40:55 – Infinite Vacation #2 (Image)
0:46:00 – Amazing Spider-Man #658 (Marvel)
0:53:15 – Moon Lake GN (Archaia)
1:01:20 – Medley: I Zombie, Weird Worlds, Heroes For Hire
1:03:00 – Spike #7 (IDW)
1:05:40 – VS Card Game talk and wrapup

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Burnt Weiners Episode 055 Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man

What would you do if you could step out of time and had to save thousands upon thousands of people from a bomb? The Weiners take a look at Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man from Accent UK, which takes a look at that very question. And here is a spoiler . . . WE LOVE THIS COMIC!

Weed checks out Spike #3 (IDW) and then leers for far too long at Lady Mechanika #1 (Aspen). Then moving onto Weed’s Stash, he fondly recollects his time with a choose your own adventure book.

Gronch in hand, Bo is excited about picking up the Orc Stain TPB (Image), and disgrees with John’s love of Thunder Agents #2 (DC) and First Wave #5 (DC). Also a few web comic updates are chit chatted about.

Thor and Jane Foster take John on a magical rainbow ride in THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER TPB (Marvel), before he talks about Justice League Generation Lost #15 (DC) and DCU Holiday Special 2010 #1 (DC).

Bo ends the show with a bit of Crossed talk and sings us a little song from the book!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 051 Antman and Wasp #1

Can a wifebeater like Hank Pym be redeemed in the eyes of the Weiners? Tim Seely (who Weed has a bit of a man crush on) gives a shot with, writing and drawing his new mini series “Antman and Wasp”.

Steege checks out Lucid #2 (Archaia Studio), stealing it off John’s pile! Weed then talks a bit about Secret Six (DC) and the new Dungeons and Dragons series from IDW.

Star Wars has taken over a lot of Bo’s reading recently, as he shares Star Wars Knight Errant (Dark Horse) with the group, and kicks off his new monthly “Bitchin’ Bo Fiction” segment with Birds of Prey (DC). John gets in a few words about Thunder Agents (DC) and there is a short discussion about the confusion John is having with the new pricing system by DC/Marvel.

Please note this episode can and most will cause ear canal bleeding and discharge. Please check with your doctor before using Burnt Weiners.

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