F BombCast 149: The actual El Guapo

We all have an El Gualpo to face, it just so happens that ours is the actual El Guapo. That is right folks, the first ten minutes of the show are TJ and Kevin reciting Three Amigos quotes and laughing about them. You know because our comic timing and ability to do them will entertain you just as much as Steve and Chevy. Spock and the Whales are discussed in length, and TJ actually read some comics. Surprise, Surprise they were DC. Animal Man 5, Aquaman 5, and Batman 5 are all discussed as well as who the real hero of the Flash is. Kevin talks some Marvel but do any of you really give a shit? Exactly! Enjoy.
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F BombCast 122: Charlie Sheen’s Anus: Duh, Winning!

We are back ladies and gentlemen, and what more would you expect from us expect frank conversation on anal sex, blow jobs, and cum right from the get go. We learn today that kevin has an obsession with a certain fallen star who no longer exist in TJ’s eyes. Although he does have Bree Olson so DUH, Winning! Dwayne McDuffie is remembered and kevin wants marvel to put out a remembrance trade to him, but not of the stuff he read already, it is only good if it is something he does not already own. GI Joe Cobra is discussed as is Vampirella, Jennifer Blood, Noche Roja, Fear Itself, and much much more. Enjoy!

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