Radio Free Asgard 292

While you all are enjoying Thor’s throwdown with the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, we look this week at The Mighty Thor #196 from back in 1972, where the Thunder God faces not one, but TWO big bads, including Kartag the Caretaker and …the Mangog! Guest starring invisible walls, polka-dotted mist, and Captain Birdseye!

Radio Free Asgard 290

This week we go back in time and cover The Mighty Thor #290!  Man-Gog is back! Thor murders a tree! Sif gets sent to the Blackworld! There are trolls and dinosaur/bird things! Odin assembles an old fogey army! Excitement abounds!

Radio Free Asgard 287

This week it’s a cold day in Hel as we cover Thor v2 #32, the 100 Page Monster! Well, 1/4 of the issue anyway… With Malekith seemingly having the upper hand, it’s up to Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Sif, and the rest to defeat Malekith and his icy minions!! It’s the most fun you can have other than watching your fridge defrost! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 258

This week we have a look at Stan Lee’s final regular issue of The Mighty Thor, issue #192! It’s Thor vs. Durok! At Mardi Gras! In a sterotypical South American dictatorship! Plus, Balder and Karnilla go to Mount Everest! Odin sleeps, and Durok gets a manicure between issues! We also have a look at what else was going on in comic-land that month! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 255


This week it’s back to the halcyon days of yore, as we cover The Mighty Thor #189 from 1971! Hela stalks Thor… on Earth! Volstagg rides the subway! Balder renounces Odin! Firemen get old! Pretty much everyone (even Haag!) is in this issue, folks!

Radio Free Asgard 128


Happy Thors-giving!! Yes, we have a show! Not only that, but it contains talk of Dr. Who, the absence of Balder in Thor 2, and we talk about Thor: Crown of Fools as well!

Wednesday Warriors – Episode #75 – Jeff Lemire Spotlight

Episode 75

The Warriors take a look at indie favorite Jeff Lemire, but some stand divided on his grandeur.

Books Reviewed:

The Warriors Three Hard Cover (Marvel Comics)
Written by Len Wein, Alan Zelenetz; Art by John Buscema, Joe Sinnott, Charles Vess

Superman : Earth One (DC Comics)
Written by J. Michael Straczynski; Art by Shane Davis (Illustrator)

Batman: The Return (DC Comics)
Written by Grant Morrison; Art by David Finch, Ryan Winn

Batman Inc #1
(DC Comics)
Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Yanick Paquette, Michael Lacombe

Superman/Batman #78
(DC Comics)
Written by Joe Kelly, Mandy McMurray; Art by Brett Booth, Ed Benes

Lady Mechanika #0 (Aspen Comics)
Written by Joe Benitez; Art by Joe Benitez

Dungeons & Dragons #1 (IDW)
Written by John Rogers; Art by Andrea Divito

Superboy #1 (DC Comics)
Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Pier Nicola Gallo, Rafael Albuquerque

Sweet Tooth (Vertigo)
Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Jeff Lemire

The Nobody (Vertigo)
Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Jeff Lemire

Essex County (Top Shelf)
Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Jeff Lemire

Trivia Contest: Supergirl #50 signed by Jake Black

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