Wayne’s Comics Podcast #172 With Mark Zuelhke From ‘The Loxleys and Confederation’

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A great comic often does a lot more than entertain – it educates!

This week, I interview Mark Zuehlke, a historian who has scripted The Loxleys and Confederation, a great comic from Renegade Arts Entertainment that discusses how Canada was formed and what influence the United States played in that creation. This book is the sequel to The Loxleys and The War of 1812, another great historical graphic novel that taught me a lot about that war and its aftermath. We follow a family whose existence parallels the formation of Confederation, and provides us with a human perspective on this important period in Canadian history. Mark talks about what it took to bring this volume together as well as things we’ll discover in the book as well as what the future might hold for this important family.

Stay tuned to their website to pre-order this graphic novel and learn more about it as its release date draws near! It’s a great comic that can teach us in the U.S. a lot about our neighbors to the north, so don’t miss it!

Wayne’s Comics #78 With Legendary Creator Alan Grant

Alan Grant, Renegade Arts Entertainment, Alexander Finbow, Batman, Gianluca Glazer, Wayne Hall,  The Loxleys and the War of 1812

Don’t miss the special episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast! I interview legendary comics creator Alan Grant, who worked on Batman during the 1980s and 1990s, and who continues to make great comics! During our fun conversation, we talk about his recent Renegade Arts Entertainment projects, Channel Evil, which is being collected into a trade that will be available in the States in March, and The Loxleys and the War of 1812, a historical hardcover comic that looks at this conflict through the eyes of a family impacted by the war. Be sure to place your order for Channel Evil now so you can get it in two months at your local comics shop!

Then I review the latest comics, and everything wraps up with Gianluca Glazer, who discusses the latest News & Previews with me!