Long Box Review Episode 41: 52 Pickup, Part 2

I complete my look at the DC New 52 titles that I am reading.

This time, I comment on the the following family of titles:

  • Green Lantern
  • The Dark
  • The Edge
  • Young Justice
  • Digital Firsts

This is the first episode recorded using my new Zoom H1 mic so I may sound a bit different. 🙂 Let me know how you like it.

Please send your comments to longboxreview@gmail.com, or leave voicemail at 208-953-1841. You can also visit the Feedback page.

Thanks for listening!


Sidekickcast Presents…A Roundtable for a Square Hole

Sidekickcast Presents...A Roundtable for a Square Hole

Recorded live at Cardiff International Comic Expo 2011 comes a roundtable discussion about the UK con scene, independent comics and of course the Cardiff Expo itself. Sounding off are Barry Nugent, Ian Sharman, Stacey Whittle, Chris Lynch, PJ Montgomery and sidekicks Mikey Bumchin, Ned X, Gavin Jones and Dan the Sound Man.

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Sidekickcast Episode #41 – Signs and Portents @ Bristol Comic Expo 2010

Live and Direct from the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo 2010 we welcome you to The Sidekickcast Presents Signs and Portents with Chris Lynch. Join Sidekickcast hosts Dan and Gavin as we once again delve into The Dark with Chris Lynch only this time we decided to do it in front of a room full of comic book loving folks. Chris reveals to us the hidden messages and codes buried deep within the Dark and along the way tells us how he got into the business and the exciting books he has in the works.

Of course this being the Sidekickcast we couldn’t help but add our own touch to proceedings with the first ever live version of the comic book news quiz with a twist; Secrets and Lies. It’s Gavin vs Dan and Chris with Super Team Expo backing them up, whose side are you on? Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for our usual plethora of cock ups.

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Sidekickcast Episode #33 – Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark

Sidekickcast Episode #33 - Don't Be Afraid of The Dark

The Dark descends on this extended episode of the Sidekickcast as regular hosts Gavin and Dan are joined by writer Chris Lynch, as always bringing a bit of class to proceedings. The Sidekicks catch up with some chat about Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, the latest Kick Ass trailer, a rundown of Dollhouse so far and of course behind the scenes on upcoming release from Markosia The Dark.

In Stack Attack this episode we review Invincible Iron Man #21, The Siege #1 of 4, Blackest Night #6, The Dark, Battlefields: Happy Valley #1 and S.W.O.R.D #2.

Chris has been in training in order to bring his best game to Secrets and Lies but will he be able to deal with the pressure of being in the hot seat? No Knowing Me, Knowing You until we find Punisher MAX #2, somebody is gonna have to loan us a copy or we”l never know how this would’ve turned out. MrCola provides this week’s Dig That! choice in the form of the first volume of Proof – Goatsucker. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music to hear just how smooth this operation really runs.