For The Love of Indie #32

It’s a convention weekend and Drew is recording alone about a doctor with an impossible task… BUT NOT FOR LONG! Robin Furth, co-author of the Dark Tower comics and author of Concordance stops in to talk about her experience with the property. Listen in to discover:

Plague Doktor
The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower: Concordance
Skin & Earth
S**t & P**s

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Drew’s Instagram: @justdrewvg

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #91: Licensed Comic Books

Episode #91

Transformers. A Game of Thrones. The Lone Ranger. There are a lot of licensed comic books out there, so this episode we talk about them. We all share the same opinion for a change. Listen in and see if you agree.

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Dollar Bin Podcast #155: Interview With Robin Furth

     Continuing their trend of celebrating women in comics the Dollar Bin hooked up with writer and adapter of novels to comics, Robin Furth.  Discussion topics overheard include the Dark Tower series, Talisman by King and Stroud, Albert Fish, Girl Comics, Robin’s other work outside of comics, and if you are really quiet and listen really close you may hear ghosts.

Podcast Link: